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     About Salesman: The Series     

During Amadeo‘s freshman year at North East School of the Arts (NESA), he was assigned to make a little short stop motion project. He came up with an idea about a watch salesman who gets evicted, and gets so angry he punches someone that rejects his sale and ends up in jail. 


Amadeo decided to write a script with Colby Guillory, a long time friend since sixth grade. He would spend the next two years trying to create a live action version of the short with the help of his childhood best friend Daniel Smith and Kristin Quintanilla who would play many roles on set and would later be Amadeo’s longtime girlfriend. He met James Ybarra on a film set and later casted him to play Vellucci, who would later develop into the character Vincent Vaquero in the newest iteration. 

When the “Salesman” short film was finally finished Amadeo and Colby started to develop a sequel titled “Colorblind.” "Colorblind" won best short at the 2019 Mission City Film Festival.


In 2020, Amadeo became close friends with James Ybarra. Amadeo, Colby, James and Kristin would make short films together. Amadeo and James were taking a drive around the Westside of San Antonio when Amadeo introduced music made in San Antonio during the 60s known as Chicano soul.  This experience gave James the idea to turn the Salesman short films into a series, that properly represents San Antonio, the stories, culture, and people in it with a satirical twist.


The crew would meet every Sunday in Castroville off of James’ property to develop the characters and story.  James would be the director, Colby as the head writer, Kristin as the director of Photography, and Daniel as the colorist.


Whether it would be a film shoot or post-production, something would go wrong. At one point, we had 5 people staying at Amadeo’s house for almost a month straight to edit, plan, and shoot. The work became grueling, being a very small operation, but thanks to James’ leadership and determination to finish what we started, we managed to export the final version before our deadline. It took a year to create the pilot, and we made many new friends along the way, such as Josh Padilla who handles our PR, Fabian Munoz, one of the producers/AV Tech, and Marc Rios, our VFX Supervisor.


“Salesman: The Series - Pilot” was released on April 14th, 2022 at Alamo City Studios. We had hundreds of attendees, so many that we had to do 4 screenings to make sure everyone who came out saw the episode. Later, we screened it at the 2022 San Antonio Film Festival, where it caught the attention of the SA Current. They wrote a nice article about us and definitely made it easier when we decided to make an episode 2. 


It has taken over a year to make Episode 2, and this journey is far from over. We are not just doing this for ourselves, but because we believe that this project is bigger than any of us. It’s raw, different, and new. It’s a testament to San Antonio and her people, and if any show deserves to be brought into syndication it should definitely be this one.

Behind the scenes & festival photos / stills from the original Salesman and Colorblind short films.


"San Antonio has an abundance of riveting stories and characters that deserve to be highlighted as much as those of Los Angeles and New York City. My perspective is that cinema has been bogged down by corporate interests, tired tropes, and lame storytelling. A budget is the last barrier that should hold back an artist's potential, raw passion, perseverance and integrity. Anyone can pick up a camera, and anyone can tell a story worth watching."

- James Ybarra, Director of Salesman: The Series


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