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Project Type


Country of Origin

Aspect Ratio


Shooting Format


Crime, Satire


United States


40 mins

Television Pilot

Completion Date

April 12, 2022


After getting an eviction notice, Lenny Finklestein, a manipulative, quick-talking watch salesman accidentally becomes involved in hustling drugs with Vincent Vaquero, a dangerous criminal.

Salesman The Series: Pilot (4K) - Theatrical Release

Salesman The Series: Pilot (4K) - Theatrical Release

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As Jim Henderson (Joe Walker) watches the Saturday morning news, he is interrupted by a door to door watch salesman, Lenny Finklestein (Amadeo Rivas). After reluctantly answering the door, Lenny begins his pitch. Joe realizes that he is being solicited, and attempts to cut the interaction short when Lenny intrusively stops the door with his foot, and slithers his way into the house. At the breakfast table, Leslie Zabala (Kristin Quintanilla), Jim's daughter, is quietly reading a book as Lenny sits down and introduces himself. Lenny pulls out his suitcase, and pulls out a gold watch. Jim notices that it is tacky, and Lenny starts his pitch. He sells the concept of a golden watch, and manipulates Jim into buying it as Leslie eggs Lenny on as she finds the entire situation amusing. Before Jim can realize that the watch is fake, Lenny takes the money and slams the door on his way out. 

Lenny attempts to light his cigarette as he walks to the bus stop, but the wind is not allowing him to do so. As he sits down at the bench, he finally is able to light it. Suddenly, a bus passes by and splashes him with water, extinguishes his cigarette, and leaves him soaking wet. Lenny finally gets home and notices an eviction notice on his front door. He attempts to break in and fails.He calls his roommate, Ricky Soloman (Stormy Rodarte) while he is at work, and informs of the situation and requests that he meet him at Maria's Cafe. Lenny believes that a loan shark resides there, and he is going to convince him to let him borrow some money.

When Lenny knocks, Grant Guillory (Grant Villareal), Vincent Vaquero's (James Ybarra) bodyguard and partner, answers the door at gunpoint and rushes Lenny and Ricky into Maria's Cafe. Screaming and barking can be heard from another room. It is revealed to be Rodrigo (Chuco Garcia), being mauled to death by Vincent Vaquero's vicious chihuahua, Quincy. Vincent pulls away a snarling Quincy, and pulls Rodrigo's suitcase toward him, opens it, and samples the large amount of cocaine contained inside. With his dying breath, Rodrigo informs Vincent that it is pure cocaine.

Vincent angrily steps out into the dining area of Maria's cafe, questioning who Lenny and Ricky are and what they want. When Lenny reveals his name, Vincent realizes that Lenny is the notorious local fake watch salesman. Lenny states that his intention was to request a loan, and when Lenny realizes that he has made a mistake he quickly asks for a job moving around his newfound cocaine supply. He agrees to hire Lenny as long as he shows up on time and makes it clear that he is in charge.

Grant lets Vincent know that he is uneasy about selling drugs, and Vincent dismisses him. Grant asks what they would do in the event that Lenny betrays them, and Vincent casually confirms that they would just kill him.

Lenny and Ricky get to Lenny's mothers house. Lenny asks for his dad's old clothes and car keys, and lies to her about what he is up to and why he needs the car. Lenny gets the car keys from his uncle Henry (Henry Rivas). On the way to the El Montan Motor Hotel, Lenny and Ricky get into a car accident.Since Lenny does not have insurance, they speed off on the other man, who curses at them as they drive away.

As Lenny and Ricky finally get to the El Montan, as a hidden photographer watches and takes their photo from across the street. She questions who Lenny is, and writes his description down.

Lenny and Ricky are introduced to Mosquito (Aggy), Vincent's drug dealing friend, and test out Lenny's watches to see if they can hold and hide cocaine. When it works, Lenny and Vincent are very surprised. Mosquito claims to be suspicious of Lenny being a police officer, and makes him do a line of cocaine in front of them. Mosquito hands and lights him a cigarette, which to Lenny's surprise, is laced with PCP. Mosquito drugged him as a practical joke. Lenny freaks out, and Vincent tells Ricky to take him somewhere with a lot of lights, and to wait out the PCP high.

Lenny enters a dreamlike state, and wild hallucinations ensue before Lenny and Ricky arrive at a nightclub. When they enter the nightclub, Lenny begins to wildly dance as he is mesmerized by the lights. Suddenly, he hears a voice from behind him. It is Leslie, Jim's daughter, from earlier that day. She excitedly informs him that her dad is still very angry with him, and he is also in the nightclub. Lenny panics, and bumps into Jackson Reese (Jacob Marshall), the man he rear ended earlier that day. After hearing the commotion, Joe Walker notices Lenny and both the men beat him. Jim takes back the money he lost to Lenny earlier that day.

Jackson drags away Lenny and says he is taking him to the "White Rabbit". Ricky panics, and goes to the only people that he thinks could help, Vincent and Grant. Vincent and Grant devise a plan to get help from Vincent's cousin, Marcus. Vincent and Marcus unintentionally finish a bottle of tequila, and an hour passes by.

Vincent and Grant finally get to the White Rabbit, a rock concert venue. Vincent meets up with his cousin, who starts a brawl after throwing a bottle at the back of one of Jackson's friend's heads. Marcus and his crew are defeated, but Vincent slips away to save Lenny, who is tied up and hanging from the ceiling. Vincent cuts Lenny down, throws him in the back of Lenny's car, and Vincent, Grant, and Ricky quietly drive home after a long, terrible day. Vincent cuts Lenny free, and informs Lenny that he will be back in the morning, and will be keeping Lenny's car as collateral.

Lenny and Ricky enter his mom's house, and she pulls a double barrelled shotgun on them. Lenny freaks out and runs out of the room very upset, as that is the third time he has had guns pulled on him that day. Lenny stares into the mirror at his bruised face.